5 Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen

5 Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a big focal point in your home and if your kitchen is outdated, it can really drag down the decor. While changing cabinetry and kitchen countertops can be expensive, there are plenty of ways you can renovate your kitchen without spending big bucks. Consider making some of the following changes to your kitchen to revamp your decor on a budget.


  1. Update Hardware 


An easy way to update your kitchen on a budget is to change out old hardware. Knobs on drawers and cabinetry can be inexpensive and completely shift the look of your kitchen. Yellow gold colors are especially dated, consider switching to a darker color like bronze or black. You can also change the faucet on your sink for a chic new look. If you can afford it, add an automatic faucet for convenience and improved hygiene. If you have any doorknobs in your kitchen like on a pantry door, make sure you choose a doorknob to match your cabinetry hardware.


  1. Paint Cabinets


Painting your old cabinets is an excellent way to completely revitalize your kitchen on a budget. White is particularly popular right now, although colored cabinets are coming into style as well. You can mix it up by doing both white and colored cabinets. Make the cabinets that surround your kitchen white but paint your island a vibrant color. Feel free to explore with something funky and new. After all, if you don’t like the colors you end up choosing, it’s not terribly difficult to paint again.


  1. Change Cabinet Doors


If your cabinets are so dated that they can’t be painted, consider refacing them or changing the cabinet doors entirely. New cabinet doors will completely change the way your cabinets look. Most of what people notice about a cabinet is the door so even if your cabinets are older, people likely won’t notice with chic doors. If you have nice china you would like to display, adding a few glass cabinet doors will stylize your kitchen.


  1. Add a Backsplash 


Adding a backsplash to your kitchen is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project that makes a huge difference in your decor. If you don’t love your countertops and cabinetry, a backsplash is an awesome way to draw the eyes away from problem areas in your kitchen. Choose a color and pattern that compliments your personal taste.


  1. Update Kitchen Furniture


An old kitchen island or table will make your kitchen look dated regardless of the renovations you make. You can paint an old kitchen table to match your cabinetry or consider adding a new freestanding island. The furniture in your kitchen is more easily changed than the cabinets and therefore is a lot cheaper than big renovations. Let your kitchen furniture speak to your style.


Don’t let a dated kitchen bring you down. Making time to do a few do-it-yourself projects can make a huge difference in the style of your kitchen. Small kitchen renovations will change the look of your entire home.