5 Surefire Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Home

5 Surefire Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Home

Homeownership is one of the major goals in life. Some used to call it the “American Dream.” These lofty expectations don’t mean that being a homeowner is easy, however. In addition to neighborly responsibilities and regular cleaning/maintenance, homeowners need to make sure their properties stay current if they want to get the most money for their home in the future.


With the real estate market surging in areas throughout the country, many homeowners are opting to take advantage of this sellers’ market. Unfortunately, if your home gives the appearance of being outdated or in less-than-stellar shape, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Keeping an eye out for antiquated designs and furnishings can not only make your home seem more welcoming and modern, but it can also put money in your pocket.


Below are some of the most common outdated features or items that will need updating if you plan to get the most value for your home. Even if you aren’t in the market to sell just yet, making these improvements now could save time and funds in the future.


  1. Shag Carpeting


Even if it is in good condition, shag carpeting is sure to raise a few concerns with potential buyers. Dating back decades, not only does shag make your home feel antiquated, but it can also make it more difficult to clean. While not every home is going to be hardwood or tile throughout, the style of carpet can make a difference. Stick to low-height, neutral carpeting rather than tall, loud patterns. If the latter is still in your home, it is well past time to replace your flooring.


  1. Pastel Bathrooms and Old Fixtures


Regardless of your feelings on the 1980s in general, this is not the impression you want to give off in your home. Pink, turquoise and other pastels popular in earlier decades look tacky compared to modern designs, particularly if your fixtures are older as well. More neutral-to-cool colors can update the look to be more modern, but only so much can be done if the fixtures are outdated. Moving away from the classic shower-tub combination into a more modern walk-in shower can completely change the aesthetics of the room as well.


  1. Floral Patterned Furniture or Wallpaper


While once a leading style, excessive floral patterns can now make a home feel more like a museum. While the wallpaper is a relatively quick fix, replacing furniture can be a more daunting task. Still, if your furniture is floral patterned, there is a good chance it is at an age where it should be replaced regardless.


  1. Linoleum Floors


A staple of the 1950s and 1960s, linoleum flooring does not age well. Older variants even contained asbestos. There aren’t many upsides to this type of flooring beyond cost, and that is reflected in its appearance. Looking much cheaper than hardwood or tile, potential buyers are sure to notice the difference. Much like the shag carpets discussed earlier, replacing this flooring could add immediate value to the home, as well as improving the overall aesthetics.


  1. Popcorn Ceilings


Saving the best for last. Not only do popcorn ceilings scream “outdated,” they also indicate a major upcoming expense to prospective buyers. These ceilings were notorious for the asbestos contained within and do little to improve the atmosphere. Any redesign will be an improvement here and should be considered a mandatory home improvement for anyone planning to sell their home in the near future.




These are just a few of the more common areas that a home could use updating in. Certain window styles, paint schemes, paneling and others could be cause for concern as well. Exterior features, such as decks and porches are also frequent areas of concern.


Being a homeowner can be difficult. Still, you are not doing yourself any favors by delaying or ignoring improvements that should be made to your property. Not only can they add value to your future sale, but they can dramatically improve your current environment. In any of the above apply to your property, you may want to begin exploring your options soon.