Curb Appeal: 3 Quick Fixes for Home Sellers

Curb Appeal: 3 Quick Fixes for Home Sellers

Curb Appeal: 3 Quick Fixes for Home Sellers

It used to be that home sellers had to worry about curb appeal mostly because potential buyers always get the first impression when they initially drive up to a home for sale. Now, sellers have to worry about curb appeal even before that happens.

With somewhere around 90 percent of homebuyers now starting their shopping online, the importance of curb appeal has shifted a bit. Just as with an online dating app, the first impression of a home now comes up on homebuyers’ electronic screens, not when they pull up to your driveway. Just like with online dating apps, your home’s initial appearance can determine whether potential buyers take an interest or just swipe right on by.

With curb appeal potentially even more important to a home sale than it’s ever been, here are three quick ways a home seller can provide some curb appeal cures to their home.

Go green

This doesn’t mean making your home environmentally friendly. There’s no real need to install solar panels, put in rain barrels or erect wind turbines. It’s much more literal: Make what’s supposed to be green, green.

That means watering your lawn. It means cutting off the brown parts of landscape plants. No one has ever bought a home because of the spectacular lawn, but when your home is competing against pictures of other homes online, it helps to have things that appear alive. A brown lawn can never help.

That means greening things up as best as you can.

Go clean

Most homeowners would be surprised at what a good weekend with a pressure washer can accomplish with a home’s exterior. Even home sellers who are tempted to paint the outside of their homes might first want to simply clean instead.

It’s sometimes remarkable what a pressure washer and some cleaning solution can provide. A garage door again becomes white instead of beige. Gutters and shutters might be restored to their original colors. A front entryway can be rejuvenated with just soap and water. You’d wash your face for an important photo, so why wouldn’t you scrub your home’s “face” for its glamour shot?

Go lean

It might seem obvious, but this is still something home sellers miss when it comes to curb appeal. They de-clutter their homes’ interior for prospective buyers, but they ignore the exterior clutter.

Potential buyers want to be able to envision their own stuff in a home. So just like you’d put away your collection of state flags or whatever else inside your home, the minimalist approach also works for the exterior for your home’s curb appeal.

When you’re trying to maximize curb appeal for a home sale, there are only two things that should be in the online photo: your home and its immediate landscaping.

First impressions in selling a home are now more important than they’ve probably ever been, so quick curb-appeal fixes are necessary and potentially very valuable.