Latest Customer Review, Nokomis, FL / First time home Buyer

Latest Customer Review, Nokomis, FL / First time home Buyer

Customer Review, Nokomis, FL / First Time home Buyer

My latest customer review came from possibly the sweetest couple I’ve had the pleasure to work with. As first time home purchasers they were delighted find a meticulously maintained newer home in Nokomis FL.  This is a younger couple and very savvy with all the online tech when it comes to searching the active listing.  This type of Buyers need access to properties of interest quickly. I was happy to oblige.   This transaction has gone smoothly due to a couple factors.  The biggest being how receptive this Buyer has been to all instruction given throughout the mortgage loan process.  I can’t emphasize how important providing all documentation requested by the lender in a timely fashion.  Thank you Andrew and Kimberly for allowing me to be part of your home purchasing process and  for the kind word of recommendation.

Key points take away for first time home buyer.

  • Qualified with lender
  • Determine budget
  • Determine all cost associated with purchase, Taxes / Insurance / Title Insurance / Closing Fees / Prepaid’s
  • Cost of ownership, HOA fees / Maintenance  / Utilities / Etc.
  • Set expectation upfront
  • Outline purchase process from beginning to end
  • Take your time in the process
  • Ask lots of questions

Home-ownership is a big responsibility and comes with a cost that needs to be understood upfront.  Big difference between ownership and renting.  When the refrigerator breaks down or AC is ready for service it’s on the owner not the land lord.  If our ready for this responsibility owning Real Estate can be very rewarding in many ways.  If you take pride in maintaining what your own I’d say go for it as a home owner.  In closing I would be remiss not to mention that the longer you can hold your purchase the more likely you are to see a rise in value over time.  As we have all seen over the past 10 years there can be volatility in the Real Estate Market.  It can be tough to sell a property just a couple years after purchasing when you consider the cost associated with selling.  I’ve been painfully reminded of this fact myself and have watched and helped many other home owners deal with the present market condition there dealt when they decide to sell.  Home-ownership should be a long term plan in my professional experience.