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First and foremost, everyone deserved the extraordinary because luxury is not about price; rather, it’s about an experience.

Venice, Florida luxury homes are typically valued within the top 10% of the current market at any given time.  Luxury homes have exceptional amenities, uncommon architectural details, designed with high-end materials and finishes.  A luxury property is not only made of high-quality materials but is also engineered for longevity and elegance.  Many times the deciding features of a luxury property and possibly the most important is the aesthetics.

Just because a property is expensive doesn’t make it luxurious.  Luxury real estate must also be exclusive, perceived as superior, and unique.  High-end Buyers require access to luxury activities like dining, the arts, shopping, and proximity to other luxurious homes.

The cost of luxury differs around the world.  In markets where prices are lower, $500,000 can buy luxury real estate.  In most cities, the starting cost is $1,000,000 to purchase in the luxury market, and prices go up from there based on living costs.   Sarasota luxury homes range from $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 plus and come in all shapes and sizes.  Most of our luxury homes are situated on some type of waterfront.  Examples would be homes with direct Gulf of Mexico frontage, bay frontage, intercoastal waterway frontage, and river frontage.

Investing in luxury real estate compared to buying stocks can be much more exciting due to its tangible quality.  There are many ways to invest in the luxury market, from building new, purchasing to flip, to purchasing a vacation property.  Just make sure before you invest that you are clear on the features in the luxury market that create lasting value.  The goal at the end of the process is to produce a return on your investment.   Having buyers in the market, you invest in is key to your success.  Sarasota and Venice area luxury homes are poised to be sought after for years to come making this area a great investment.