Ways Real Estate Agents Help Buyers Save Money

Ways Real Estate Agents Help Buyers Save Money

Ways Real Estate Agents Help Buyers Save Money

Many homebuyers make the mistake of trying to navigate the tricky housing market without a real estate agent. However, the reality is that hiring an agent can actually help you save money during your home buying process.

Here are the biggest reasons why you should hire a real estate agent when buying a home.

  1. They are good negotiators

When it comes to purchasing a home for the best price, it pays to have a good negotiator on your side. Most experienced real estate agents have lots of negotiation experience – especially when it comes to convincing sellers that they should consider (and accept) a lower offer. For example, they can offer good advice to buyers about how to price an initial offer, as well as how respond when the seller makes a counteroffer.

  1. Agents know the market well

The local housing market is another thing that most real estate agents will have a lot of knowledge about. They can help guide you to the neighborhoods with homes that will be more likely to fit your housing needs and budget.

  1. They know how to leverage the home inspection in your favor

As a buyer, you have the legal right to obtain a home inspection after an initial offer has been agreed upon between you and the seller. Oftentimes, the inspector will find minor issues with a home. However, if the inspection reveals significant structural problems with the house, then you are allowed to rescind your offer without any legal or financial repercussions.

Although a good real estate agent can often use the home inspection’s findings to get a better deal for the buyer. For instance, let’s say that an inspection reveals that a house needs $5,000 in repairs to meet the buyer’s expectations before they are willing to purchase it. An agent might be able to get a motivated seller to agree to pay the buyer $5,000 at the time of closing to cover the needed repairs.

  1. Agents know how to find the best deals

As mentioned, real estate agents tend to know their local housing market really well. That also means they can help you find the best deals–deals that you might otherwise be unaware of. For example, the agent might know of someone who needs to sell their home quickly – and is willing to take less money than it’s worth. The realtor could tip you off on the listing before everyone else finds out about the good deal.

  1. They can keep you from wasting time

Last but not least, time is money – and a good real estate agent can help home buyers avoid wasting their time. For example, you can spend countless hours browsing through listings on real estate sites like Zillow. However, it only takes a few minutes to give your realtor a list of your housing criteria. Then, they can search for listings that match your criteria for a home – saving you a lot of time house hunting.

In short, don’t make the mistake of trying to buy a home without a real estate agent. You will want someone on your side to help you negotiate the best deal possible on a house. Furthermore, a good realtor will know your local housing market really well. Plus, they will know how to use a home inspection to help you secure a better deal. Speaking of a better deal, real estate agents can help you find the best deals that other buyers might be overlooking. Since time is money, agents can help you save time by finding listings for you based on your housing criteria.